Information for expressway bus special ticket to Tsuetate-onsen

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Tsuetate-onsen and Tsuetate-pudding Ticket

From Hita Bus, it is the guide of the advantageous ticket ” Tsuetate-onsen and Tsuetate-pudding Ticket” of Fukuoka-Tsuetate-KurokawaOnsen Line.
It is a ticket that a expressway bus round-trip ticket between Fukuoka and Tsuetate and a facility use exchange ticket are set.
Please enjoy Hot Spring and dericious “Tuetate pudding”.


5,730 yen
・expressway bus round-trip ticket for Fukuoka- Tsuetate (Tsuetate-onsen) 4,730 yen (tax included)
Usually · one way 2,620 →per sheet 2,365 yen!
・Tsuetate-onsen experience voucher 1,000 yen (tax-included)
You can use onsen ticket, pudding ticket, and experience steaming dishes ticket.
Up to approximately 2,000 yen equivalent!
※ There is not setting such as child, person with a disability discount.

Release period

June 21 2019 (Fri)-March 30 2020 (Mon)
※ We can not exchange and use facility use ticket in the year-end and New Year holidays (December 28, 2019-January 3, 2020).
※ Facility use exchange ticket is valid until March 31 (Tuesday).

How to Use

1. Expressway bus “Fukuoka-Kurokawa Onsen Line” Please make a reservation between Fukuoka and Tsuetate.
Reservations are available at the Kyushu Express Bus Reservation Center and the WEB site “At-bus-de”.
○ Kyushu Expressway Bus Reservation Center
TEL / 0120-489-939 (From mobile phones etc. 092-734-2727 )
Reception hours / 8:00 to 19:00
○ Website
2. At the sales counter, please tell us that you want to purchase “Tsuetate-onsen and Tsuetate-pudding Ticket“, and purchase a ticket.
Retailer Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal, Hakata Bus Terminal, Fukuoka Airport Bus Terminal (domestic and international flights)
3. When taking a high-speed bus, please give the Expressway bus ticket between Fukuoka to Tsuetate driver.
4. After arriving at Tsuetate-onsen, please exchange exchange tickets and Tsuetate-onsen experience voucher (3 pieces) at the Tsuetate-onsen sightseeing inn cooperative.
○ Tsuetate Onsen Tourism Ryokan Cooperative
Shimojo, Ogunimachi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 4175-3
TEL / 0697-48-0506
5. Tsuetate-onsen experience voucher can be used at the following facilities. The required number is as follows.

Facility name bathing Tsuetate pudding Steaming place set coffee

Facility name bathing Tsuetate pudding Steaming place set coffee
Hizenya 2 1 1
Daishizen 1 1 1
Komeya-besso 1 1
Hakusuiso 1 1
P hall 1 1
Kissho-no-yu 2
Fukumi-sanso 1 1 1
Izumiya 1 1
Hagakurekan 1 1 1
Ono-shoten 1
Tourist Information Center 1

Number of expressway buses operated

Fukuoka-Tsuetate-Kurokawa Onsen Line (Joint operation of Hita Bus and Kyushu Sanko Bus) ···· 1 day 4 round trip timetable is here